Relaxing Treatments

Holistic, Hot Stone, Pregnancy, Indian Head, Natural Face-lift, Seat Acupressure & Pamper Party

Prices for all treatments (Excl Sports Massage):

30 min = £30
45 min = £38
60 min = £45
90 min = £65

Choose your treatment from the list below:

Holistic Relaxation Massage

Relaxing treatment for the whole body or areas of your choice

Hot Stone Massage

Intensely relaxing massage using hot stones to massage the whole body or area(s) of your choice

Pregnancy Massage

Relaxing massage for the expectant mother to relieve pressure on your back and over your whole body. Encourages the bond between you and your unborn child

Indian Head Massage

Relaxing massage that focuses on the shoulders, neck, head and face

Natural Facelift massage

A gentle face massage to relieve deep tension, giving the face muscles a lift

Seated Acupressure Massage

Perfect for in the workplace Focuses on the neck, back and shoulder.

Pamper Party

Are you celebrating a special occasion, throwing a hen party or just catching up with friends?

Why not host a Pamper Party and treat yourselves to a bit of luxury!

Book for a minimum of four people and each of you will receive a 30 minute treatment for only £20 per person

Choose between:
Neck, Back and Shoulder Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Hot Stone Massage
Indian Head Massage
Natural Facelift Massage
Seated Acupressure Back Massage
All equipment provided

Enjoy a free pamper gift just for hosting the party
Plus, if two or more of your friends book a full price treatment at your party, you will receive a £5 gift voucher towards your next full price treatment.

I rely on my treatment from ER Health and Fitness to keep working. As a self employed Driving Instructor I need my wits about me, without the pain relief gained from my massage sessions, I certainly would not be able to work.
John, Orpington

Great, Fantastic pamper nights for me and the girls. All of us are nurses and we know we are being treated well. Always a smile on our faces when we know Lucy/ER Health and Fitness is giving us the treatment!
Tracy, Orpington

I have been a client of Lucy's for a couple of years now. I originally went to her as I was suffering from various sports injuries. Not only did she help me but our regular treatments have allowed me to continue as an active sportsman even though I'm nearing 50. I would highly recommend her.

I have been seeing Lucy for over a year now which started with a sport injury but I have carried on with her as I love my one hour of unwinding and relaxing.

A few years ago my personal trainer introduced me to Lucy, to treat a niggling sports injury. I was so impressed with the initial treatments, advice and support provided by Lucy that I now see her (or Tom) on a very regular basis (approx. every 4-6 weeks).  I view my treatments as an integral part of maintaining a healthy, fit and stress free body. I have no hesitation in recommending ER Health and Fitness - an extremely knowledgeable, professional, friendly and reliable team.

Brilliant Vocal Massage - really recommend it to any singers, actors, teachers or those who use their voice to make their living ... Or anyone  who talks a lot.
Diane Ebden

First post pregnancy work out with Lucy from ER health and fitness - didn't kill me but def feel like I had a good workout. Really looking forward to the next session now.
Rebecca Cardy

Totally Amazing! The sports massage on my knee after injury has got me back walking, dancing, spinning and now training for a half marathon- thank you - would highly recommend.
Nadia Ryman

Just a little while ago I had the most wonderful "vocal massage", specifically worked for the opening and relaxation of the throat and chest. To say it was amazing does not do it justice, I was singing everyday after the treatment, either rehearsing or performing and the benefits were fantastic, I was very focused on how open and free my singing was. I had to use a mic in performance and when using a mic I tend to concentrate on support from the diaphragm even more as to not rely on the mic for support and I believe this treatment was very helpful for that. Excellent.
Gari Glaysher