Mum To Be

We appreciate that many changes happen to your body during pregnancy, these can be musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, hormonal and many more. We will be there to help you and your body adapt to these changes. Controlled exercise during pregnancy can improve circulation, sleep patterns, leg cramps, as well as postnatal recovery. It can also help to control your weight gain and improve your posture. Each training session will be prepared specifically for your needs. The sessions will be designed to boost your strength and endurance and prepare you for a safe labour and delivery.

After labour, we can design a bespoke fitness programme to help you get back into shape and regain strength and tone, along with your own personal feeling of wellbeing. The impact on the body of having a baby can be quite dramatic. You may suffer from a weak core, causing back pain and/or a weak pelvic floor, these can lead to whole new problems and so we will take you through an exercise plan to aid the body in recovery and prevent these issues.

More and more people are suffering from Diastasis Recti (a separation of the abdominal muscles), this condition can be rehabilitated and we can show you how.

Your sessions will leave you feeling motivated and revitalised. Training sessions take place at a time and place convenient to you, whether it be at home, in the garden or a local outdoor space, we fit to you. We understand you have a new baby to look after and so training sessions are flexible.

As part of our Mums to be package, we also offer Pregnancy Massage. Being pregnant is a tiring business. It’s important to take time for yourself during pregnancy and prepare your mind, body and spirit for labour and motherhood ahead. Our treatments work the whole body or specific areas as requested by you. Our treatments are designed to boost circulation, reduce water retention, relieve tension and leave you feeling relaxed and renewed.

The massage helps to prepare the body for the changes that occur during this special time and will help to promote a healthy, happy pregnancy, as well as labour and recovery period.

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